Global Realty Services 

 Global is open to growing their team. They make every effort to train and mentor their agents so that they are best prepared to handle all real estate transactions with professionalism and confidence. Each customer is special to the RealtyGirls and they make sure the experience customers have with their team is the best in the world.

Unlike many real estate brokerage offices where it is every agent for him or herself, they believe in collaboration because they know it consistently gets the results their customers deserve. An important part of the difference Global's customers experience is the quality of customer service they receive. This level of service is built from a team oriented culture fostered within their office. Personalized attention in real estate is key to customer loyalty. A consistent referral source is valued by Global's owners. This is at the foundation of their success as a boutique real estate brokerage that is thriving in a highly competitive real estate market.

"When a person loves their work it is palpable. Our team brings energy and passion to work each day and to the success they create for every customer." Traci & Julie

Meet the Team